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Acts of Jennius

Welcome to Acts of Jennius, an experiential stage with a series of eight acts for you to discover.  It is also my professional calling card as an arts educator, circus artist, poet, and schooled fool.


Feel free to explore the acts how you wish. They are all relatively short and light challenges, designed with creative engagement in mind, and for all ages. You are welcome to share what you create from them by sending me an email, and make the experience interpersonal, or explore solo.

I'm interested in circus arts, movement theatre, poetry, doodling and moodling, puppetry, playwriting, the secret lives of objects, and snail watching. My artistic process is much like what you'll find in the acts here: play, wonder, feel, folly, slow down, repeat, trim out the excess, let go.


I hope that when you play here you discover something new, enjoy yourself, and are inspired to add some more beauty to the world. Join me for a workshop or event, meet me at The Wunderbarn, or send me an email.

Professional circus performer

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