Big questions lead to

"ah-ha!" moments.

Failing is important to me.

Wait, what?

How and what do you want to learn today?

I love working with people, hearing their stories, and helping them to find a voice. I love big questions, and metaphors, and seeking answers but not finding easy ones. When I teach, I find the best moments are the spontaneous ones -- the moments born from a comment, or a question, a "mistake," or an ah-ha! sparked from exploration. Whether working with people to share stories, or in the creation of a visual poetry piece, a play, a memoir, or movement theatre pieces, there is a level of understanding through the arts. It is work that keeps me coming back because it is always changing and always engaging. It is work that I love. What do you love most about your life?

In a lesson that includes visual poetry and creative movement, I explore with students how difficult it can be to be open, to let yourself be vulnerable and at risk. It's hard to be ready to fail, especially when you're young, and learning who you are, but it's even difficult as we age and are subjected to droning messages of perfection, and where elders belong in a society obsessed with youth. When you are vulnerable, you are open to moments of beauty and connection. I return to this idea in my personal artistic work. It is a risk I take because it helps me to understand myself and others better. What risks are you willing to take?

I teach all age groups, and have taught in many settings. If you have a need for a memorable workshop, seminar, or arts residency, contact me and let's talk.