Questions begin everything.

Want a boost of creativity?

How and what do you want to learn today?

I love working with people, hearing their stories, and helping them to find a voice. I love big questions, little questions, metaphors, and seeking. When I teach, I find the best moments are the spontaneous ones -- the moments born from a comment, or a question, a "mistake," or an ah-ha! sparked from exploration. Whether working with people to share stories, or in the creation of a visual poetry piece, a play, a memoir, or movement theatre pieces, we find connection through the arts. It is work that keeps me coming back because it is always engaging.

Here's a free creative writing prompt for you, from me. If you use it in your classroom, on your own, or in a workshop, send me what writing came of it in an email. I'd love to read what you wrote.

I teach all age groups, and have taught in many settings. You can view my resume here. If you want a memorable workshop, seminar, or arts residency, contact me and let's talk.