I Still Do

“It’s always because we love that we are rebellious; it takes a great deal of love to give a damn one way or another what
happens from now on: I still do.”

                                  - Kenneth Patchen

It takes a great deal of love to give a damn.
Be rebellious. Do more than kiss a cheek – punch
the button of the heart’s elevator. Become a battering ram.
It takes a great deal of love to give a damn.
Point to where the pain is, call yourself alive, a dram
of care in your blossomed fist, a cup of blood clenched.
Be rebellious. Do more than kiss a cheek.

- Jennifer Hill, from You Look Young Enough To Be Relevant

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You Look Young Enough To Be Relevant, 2016

Fragmentirety, Furniture Press, 2011

Regular Expressions: The Facebook Status Update Poems, Naissance, 2009

A Proper Dress, illustrated by Liz Parry-Faist, 2009

The Girl's Guide To Writing Poetry, illustrated by David Hage, 2008

Book of Days, FootHills Publishing, 2006

Nightcrown, illustrated by Michael Downend, 2003

Questioning Walls Open, FootHills Publishing, 2001


"Ladies and Gentletubs, you are gathered here in a semi-sweet circle to imbibe in the underpants of dandelions! Commission us for your baths! Enlighten us with your presence! Confusion, ladies and gentlemen, is just a short step away from wonderment."
- Fred from The Czar of Bizarre Sideshow

The Czar of Bizarre Sideshow, Gaslight Theatre, 2016

Variations on Little Red Riding Hood, Gaslight Theatre, 2015

World of Wonderment, Gaslight Theatre, 2014

The Inside of a Watermelon Seed, Gaslight Theatre 2013

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