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As a published poet and professional circus performer, I have a pretty unique calling card. With 25 years of teaching experience, I've proudly served as a rostered artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. 

I find joy in helping others uncover their unique artistic voices and paths by blending the elements of movement, writing, and visual art. 

Join one of my workshops or residencies and engage in play, process, and discovery. Increase your problem-solving skills, foster more innovative thinking, and infuse your daily routine with newfound inspiration. Discover how the inviting your inner fool can positively impact your everyday life, bringing a sense of fulfillment, creativity, and a fresh perspective.

Psst! Speaking of play ... there's a secret clubhouse on this page. You have to really look to find it, and when you do, there are eight rooms for you to explore. ​ Each one is designed with creative engagement in mind, and they are for all ages. Happy discovering!

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