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The Foolbright Scholars

Professional Know-Nothings. Schooled Fools. Dedicated discoverers.

Grief Cheeks

with Jenny Hill, Chris Bodwitch, and Rachel DeMicco

Applying balloon work, master level pool noodling, and deep emotional gorging, Grief Cheeks ventures into the absurdist deconstruction of social norms and rituals surrounding death and healing. The audience enters into the world of the Foolbrights through a “chant” that is part 1970s disco and part metaphor for grief, and then find themselves in a classic aerobic/jazzercise session reimagined for the grieving mind and body: The Grief Cheeks Workout.  How close are the sounds of keening and fits of laughter when pool noodles come into play? What's the edge of acceptable expression in a public space? In Grief Cheeks, the Foolbrights examine the highs, the lows, and all emotions in between, then let go in a romp of celebration.

The 8 Spaces
of Transformation

with Jenny Hill & Chris Bodwitch

Inviting audience members into places of self-discovery, The Foolbright Scholars map a celebratory world of language and movement with The Eight Spaces of Transformation. Enter the Eight Spaces of Transformation and meet your guides, two bewildered and confident, disgruntled and delighted pathfinders of stumbling revelation. As the Foolbrights map wisdumb in this confusing and celebratory world filled with feelings and sensation, audiences explore playful movement, linguistic gymnastics, satire, absurdist surveys, and transcendent ridiculousness. In an eyelash flutter it’s a full tilt emergence as you exit the tour, having unlearned everything and somehow knowing more.

Talk with a Foolbright Scholar
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