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A project connecting generations for artistic collaboration

funded by South Central PaARTners

What is The Revue Review?

Who Can Share Work?

Where Can I Find the

First Issue?

What Can I Share

for the Journal?

What Can I Share

for the Variety Show?

The Revue Review is a literary journal and variety show that connects generations for artistic collaboration, fosters empathy, engenders a sense of purpose and belonging, and decreases feelings of isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a project dreamed up by arts educator, Jennifer Hill, and funded through a grant from South Central PaARTNERS.

The Revue Review includes the work of those 65 years old and up and those who are18 and under only. Four editors from each age group (4-18, and 65 and up) help manage outreach, submissions, and editorial tasks for the journal, and a separate panel of elders and youth manage tasks associated with accepting and compiling variety show acts. Editorial staff are also welcome and encouraged to create and submit work for both the journal and the variety show.

The first issue sought submissions on the general theme of “Belonging.”


You can view the first issue here.



The fall issue has an open theme. Anything goes! Literary magazine submissions may include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Poems

  • Short stories (500 words or less)

  • Art (color or b&w)

  • Advice column

  • How to-article

  • Recipes

  • Top 10 lists

  • Music reviews

  • Meal reviews

  • Book reviews

  • Astrology

  • Memoir

  • Nature

  • Activism

  • History

  • Letters of Rant and Rave about something that really bothers you

  • Letters of Praise to something you really love

Variety show submissions may include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Circus acts (juggling, hula hoop, clowning, acrobatics, puppetry, etc.)

  • Visual poems (filmed images with poetry spoken over them)

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Cooking show

  • How to videos

  • Comedy

  • Music

  • Spoken word poetry

  • Stop motion animations

  • Silent film

  • News reports


Deadline for submissions for the journal and variety show is October 1st, 2021.


The editorial board, with the assistance of Jennifer, will partner an elder and a youth to work together on a submission for the magazine. Issues and shows will always be open to “solo” submissions, but those after the first will always have at least a few collaborative creative efforts — poems, stories, musical acts, films, whatever the pair can create together.

Send Jennifer an email with your intent to submit (or your questions), and she'll reply with instructions.

What's the Deadline
for the Fall Issue and Show?

How Do I Share My Work?

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